What Should You Know About Hula Hoops in Honolulu?

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Restaurants

When a lot of people think about hula hoops, they often think about plastic rings that they can swing around on their hips. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, there is so much more behind the hula hoop than you might think. For instance, modern hula hoops were partially inspired by the Hawaiian dance known as the hula. The best way to learn more about the hula and the origins of the hula hoop itself is to see it in action. Thankfully, there are many different places where you might be able to watch the hula dance being performed.

What Is the Hula?

The hula is a dance often performed at Hawaiian luaus. The dance involves the graceful swaying of the hips alongside delicate hand motions. However, it is the swaying of the hips that played a role in the inspiration of hula hoops in Honolulu. Of course, to properly use a hula hoop, you have to swing your hips around to ensure that it stays where it’s supposed to be. Similarly, hula dancers sway their hips in the captivating dance that was once used to tell gorgeous and expressive stories. Being able to understand where hula hoops originated from can bring a lot more meaning to playing with them. With that being said, being able to see the hula dance in person is an experience that many people cherish.

Where Can You See Hula?

While being able to enjoy the use of hula hoops can be a fun experience, especially knowing part of the origin of hula hoops, it can be many times better to see the hula in person. There are many ways that this is possible. For instance, you might want to consider going to a luau with friends and family. Luaus often involve many different Pacific dancers, including those who specialize in performing the hula. If you want to learn more about hula, hula hoops, and what luaus entail, contact us for more information.