Pairing Fine Italian Wines With Excellent Italian Food in Weston

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Restaurants

When people go out for Italian Food in Weston, they often want to have some Italian wine with the meal. Choosing wines from vineyards in Italy makes the experience particularly authentic. Wine lists normally identify the country of origin in addition to the brand and variety.

White Wine Options


Sweet and fizzy, with a somewhat creamy texture, Moscato appeals to people who don’t like dry wines and those they personally feel taste somewhat bitter. The flavor is reminiscent of oranges and peaches.

Pinot Grigio

This variety is also on the sweeter side, but lighter than Moscato. The flavor pleases people who like blush wines, although wine experts tend to view this variety as a bit more sophisticated than the typical blush. This can be a good introduction to Italian wine for men and women who normally drink white Zinfandel.

Sauvignon Blanc

The texture of this beverage is usually referred to as crisp. Depending on the vineyard, the wine may have a remarkable green grape flavor accented with fruits like honeydew melon and citrus foods. After someone has become accustomed to Pinot Grigio, this person might try a glass of Sauvignon Blanc the next time out at an Italian restaurant.

Red Wine Possibilities


This dry variety is probably the wine most frequently paired with Italian Food in Weston, although fans of this cuisine have branched out significantly over the past decades. Tuscany is famous for Chianti, which is produced in the central part of this region. Sangiovese is a Chianti grape, and may be listed separately on a wine list.


Also recognized for being dry and rich, this is a suitable alternative to Chianti at a place with fine food and wine like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria. In fact, the variety’s popularity has been increasing as people in general become more knowledgeable about wine and appreciate more complex and intense flavors.


Nebbiolo grapes are responsible for the flavors of Barolo. It comes from the Piedmont region and is named for the fog that characterizes the area. As with many other reds, this wine is recognized for complexity and a full body. You can also connect them on Facebook.